Oregon Renaissance Faire is Coming in June of 2016

Shout “Huzzah!” for the Knights of the Realm
at Her Majesty’s Tournament and Joust .

Watch in awe as they display gallant acts of bravery
and a skilled arm with sword and lance!

James Dawson, playing the British Knight, left, fights with Greg Hopla, playing the Spanish knight, during the World Tournament of Champions Saturday in the Tournament of Horses Arena at Casa de Fruta. 9.17.11

Join Her Royal Majesty Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotland, England, Ireland, and France as She arrives in The Vale of Dunrose upon Her Royal Progress of 1563!


Musicians, jugglers, magicians, and entertainers of all pedigrees attend The Vale of Dunrose seeking a chance to catch Her Majesty’s eye upon Her first visit to the Scottish countryside since returning from France.

Explore the streets of The Vale of Dunrose, ripe with merchants offering handcrafted goods and tasty treats. Discover garments to adorn any peasant or visiting Royalty and trinkets in all shapes and sizes to please each of your family member’s fancy.  Sing a shanty with a pirate or watch the joust while enjoying a  mead, ale, or cider with our Ale wenches at The Cat and Fiddle pub!